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This was the Week...This Was 18th April - 23rd April

Updated: May 1


I just love Monday mornings because they promise so much in the week to come -alongside of course the challenge to make that pledge a reality.

By the time I arrived at the Hub at just after 9am both Donna and our marvellous volunteer Ian were in full swing getting the rooms up and ready for whatever was to come in the day ahead - no least was the urn heating up to offer the hospitality and sustenance that is needed by us all in the course of a Hub day.

Our new volunteer Bob arrived spot on time after completing his initial training last week and fitted in like a well worn glove, and it wasn't long before the Hub was buzzing with people popping in and much catching-up after the weekend at 'rest'.

As usual my Saturday had became a day of admin - not least having several attempts to ensure that our new blog was correct before pressing that Twitter/Facebook/Instagram button.

Alongside this there was also a rather exciting new project for me to focus on producing an infogram sheet for the Town Team next week in order to let people know of the latest business vacancies stats for April. These are important as they are used as an indication that we are going in the right direction for regenerating the town centre.

As neither of those tasks had been fully mastered that full day, it was then the task that filled the afternoon hours until I was pulled away from the computer at 5pm for some r&r!


This was a day without remorse.....where the business in hand demanded deep concentration, and the flow through the Hub's ever revolving doors meaning that come midday I had made little progress to be ready for the 4pm Artisan Quarter meeting being held in Foundry road at the marvellous local printers premises, Octoprint.