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This was the week, This was...

Updated: Apr 16

10th - 14th April 2023


This was my first day back at the Hub after nine days of sunning myself in foreign parts and trying to chill out without peeking at emails.

Of course this was an aim that was miserably unfulfilled.

The Hub had been closed for the long Easter Weekend which meant that I only missed out on four Hub days, however, life goes on at such a pace at number 23 that even this short interlude was filled with much work and pleasure both in equal measures.

To get back into the swing of things I was lucky enough to have the first hour as a catch-up time with manager, Donna, and to be honest I was enthralled by all that had been done in my absence...

And then the buzz began.

By 10.30am the hub was filled with fantastic work going on both in the Wiltshire Sight section and in the new Healthy Wiltshire Group meeting. This meant that there was little air space left in the Hub for all the people who seemed to decide that Wednesday morning is the idea time to pop in for a chat, coffee, advice, help - and even just a sprinkle of kindness.

All I could think is that this really is the Hub at its best.

While I was away we were lucky enough to learn that the Hub has been included in the new Wessex Water Community Connector project - an innovative programme which will see us expand our help even more in the area of supporting people who are experiencing cost of living pressures.

It is a really exciting project that fits well with all we d