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This was the Week...This Was 15th May - 19th May

Monday 15th

The sun shone from the moment I opened my eyes and that invigorating start was fulfilled by the promise of the day at the Hub.

A buoyant Crochet group meeting was made all the more enjoyable when three officers turned up from the Police to take ownership of the amazing 'trauma' bears and cuddly 'police' toys that they had made.

The speech by the senior officer present almost brought us all to tears as he recounted the kids that they sometimes encounter who are looking for reassurance and a semblance of security.

The day then continued in a similar vein - it was one of those times that make the work we do so very satisfying.

Early evening then saw yet another consultation on the 'Chippenham One Plan' but this time it was on-line and I was able to listen as a member of the audience to the presentation by the officers and leads on this project who are so passionate about the work they are proposing - it was extremely cathartic and despite all the hours spend on this so far, I still went away with a better understanding that this could well be the start of something good for our town.

Tuesday 16th

While the week began very positively, Tuesday was a bump back to real world of slog!!

The Hub is coming up to its second birthday and with that comes the usual stream of conforming with additional administration; filling in Charity Commission returns, ensuring the accounts are ready for the confirmation audit, Annual Trustees report, review of policies...etc. etc....

There was also the little matter of reviewing our existing grant applications with the trustee who focuses on this, George. This resulted in a decision to 'spread the load' and ask for help in the form of us all working in this area in a co-ordinated way. Aside from this there was also the changes we are making to ensure that the Hub is sustainable for future years with a forward plan for its running etc,