The First Six Months @ Chippenham Community Eco Hub

Every Community

Needs Town Teams

For community action to reworking neglected areas a group of volunteers form the

Eco Team

To ensure our town has both positive mental and a physical health we have got together a strong 

Health and Wellbeing Team


 For the promotion and recognition of our communities voices  to ensure that the regeneration planned by authorities is by the people, for the people, we have got together an active and divergent 

Town Development Team


It is community that counts..

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Every Community


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The Hub  Partners


Applying Ecological principals to regenerating an area at Monkton Park

A Committed Community Eco Town Team

The Hub is here to facilitate any projects that are good for Chippenham and this eco one is just the ticket!

A group of community minded folk are rolling up their sleeves working with the Town Council and Wiltshire Wildlife to rework neglected areas in the town centre with a view to actively improving areas of the town for the present and future generations.

Community Regeneration of Chippenham Town Centre


The People Have their Say

As with all town centres, Chippenham is going through an evolution that will probably see money spent in years to come with the intention of making it fit for both present and future generations.

While the people in a position of 'power' have been setting up a 'Chippenham Board' - that will no doubt spend significant money on their own 'survey' to see how they can spend the public regeneration money - at Chippenham Community Team we have already conducted a survey (no pubic money used here - just a community donation) which is giving a real indication of what matters to the people of the town.
The Hub is facilitating this to ensure that the people of the town have a voice in those developments.....and furthermore  ensure that those voices will be heard.

Community Health and Wellbeing

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An eclectic mix of people working for health and wellbeing within the community

Now more than ever the community needs to play its part in promoting positive health and wellbeing across many areas that affect the people of Chippenham.
This will range from physical wellbeing in the shape of available appropriate exercise and balanced diets, to the less visual aspects of positive mental health - something that can be promoted with the involvement of debt advice, inclusion and  actions to alleviate social isolation.


Ladonna Watts

Hub Manager

Born and bred in Chippenham, Ladonna is people oriented with the ideal attributes and experience to ensure that this exciting community venture will flourish. She makes a great leader of the new team and the enormous progress made in such a short time that the team have been together bodes well for the future.


Sandie Webb

Chair of Trustees

Sandie has been involved within the community of her home town since returning to Chippenham in 1980. Over time she has been both a Town and Wiltshire Councillor and was Leader of the Town Council from 2017-2021. The family have had businesses in the town since her husband, Doug, opened his first shop in 1971.


Ross Henning


Born and bred in Chippenham with a keen belief in the power of both charity and voluntary work, Ross is a Wiltshire Councillor for Chippenham and a builder by trade. 


Mike Walker

Education Trustee

Mike was the first person to volunteer at the Hub in the run-up to our opening, coming in daily and turning his hand to a multitude of tasks. Since then we are very luck that he has agreed to become our Education Trustee - a role that is well suited to his career as a maths teacher at Dorcan Academy,

Swindon Mike was also a science tutor in earlier years, which is reflected in his passion for astronomy and his vision for the Hub that 'the sky is the limit' to its future!

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