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The Hub Numeracy Course

Do you take it for granted that you understand all the masses of digital information that we have arounds us each day of our lives?​

Can you imaging not being able to walk into a shop and be confident that what you are paying is what you should pay?​

How would you cope if you could not schedule the programmes on your TV, or read the time table to know when your bus/train is due?​

These are the skills that the trained staff and volunteers at the Hub are there to help you with... and many, many more

Believe in Yourself...because we believe in you!

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Trust Us & We will Deliver..

Our vision is for everyone in Chippenham to get on with numbers so that they can get on with life.​

By improving both understanding and working with numbers in day to day life we can help offer better opportunities - and in some cases a brighter future.​

Numeracy skills engender empowerment and the ability to meet life head on, and so our one-to-one training on an individual bespoke six week course will enable more of our community to enjoy the freedom that confidence with numbers can bring.

Working with Skills for Life, the Community Hub has four trained members who are committed to ensuring that we become a maths confident neighbourhood.

The course is designed and delivered to at your own pace, with learning skills that you have identified to make like easier and more fulfilling.

The range of ability is determined by the individual - if we do not have the skills we will certainly know someone who does.

Come along and see how in just six weeks the Hub can help enrich your life - its fun, its worth doing, and the new skill you come away with will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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