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About The Hub

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

When a group of local people get together, forget about their own personal agendas, and replace them with a simple love of the community that they live in, you have all the ingrediency needed to make something wonderful happen.

This is what makes Chippenham so special.....

Our Story

While the country was still suffering the effects of Covid and lockdown it became apparent that Chippenham was blessed with a most wonderful active community who were busy doing what communities do when called upon in times of need - working for the good of those who live in this wonderful market town in Wiltshire. 

Around that time a conversation took place with the company who owned Borough Parade, a shopping centre in the heart of the town.  This area, like so many others, had many empty units and a discussion began about the possibility of allocating a space for the purpose of a community Hub to coordinate the wonderful work going on within the community. 

This led to the formation of the Hub which they granted on a two year rent and service charge free lease.

Little did we know then the extent that this would grow to respond to the unimagined demands that we have seen over the comparatively short time that the Chippenham Community Hub has been working - which has ranged from the effect of those months of lockdown... to the war in Ukraine... and now a recession and fuel crisis which threatens to challenge even the most hardy of our local residents.

Alongside this there has been the need to establish a community group for those who are dealing with all aspects of Health and Wellbeing and a Town Team to help oversee the opening and development of our town centre.

There is so much more that comes through our doors each week - all welcomed and embraced for the love and good of our town.

It is all very simple...those involved just forget 'I' and do it if it is good for Chippenham and our wonderful diverse community x

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