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This was the Week, This was....May 1st - May 7th

Bank Holiday Monday 1st May

Ok, so this was a holiday Monday, but as the list of tasks in front of me had not reduced sufficiently for a complete rest, the day was filled with the production of minutes for the Artisan Quarter (and agenda for next week), the same for both the Leisure/Learning Quarter and the Town Team.

As the day went on a phone call reminded me just how lonely weekends, and especially long weekends, are for a good many people who do not have the blessing of family and partners - and of course even those who are lucky enough to have 'friends' and 'work colleagues' can be especially isolated on such days as this.

Reflecting on the call just reinforced in my mind the task that lies ahead as the Community Hub grows which is something that only time will resolve.

And of course, this can not be achieved without the support of so many people - both individuals and those who work in statutory organisations that hold the purse strings. I know that recognition of a problem is only a part of the whole, and well aware that it is the implementation of solutions regardless of self that is the key which will eventually lead to progress.

Maybe these profound thoughts are because I have had too much time to reflect over the holi days and I will get a different perspective when the Hub reopens in the morning!

Tuesday 2nd May

You would think that the purchasing a new computer for our reception at the Hub (because of the needed to capture the statistics for grants) would be a pleasurable and easy task wouldn't you? Well, that was my assumption too until I went into PC World Chippenham assuming that I would leave carrying the machine of my choice - but it was not that easy! It was not long before I learned that the system is far more longwinded than in days gone by, and I was sent home to order and pay for the said machine on the internet and would then return a couple of days later to pick it up! According to the lad I spoke to, in these enlightened days 2023, the big companies like Lenovo rent a space at the store to display said computers with very few in stock available to be purchased there and then - progress eh!

Whenever possible at the Hub we try to turn a negative into a positive (something I learned from mentor Ray ) but in this case I was initially finding this difficult to do. Later I did work on doing this!