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Community Town Development Team

Without a doubt the lovely town centre in Chippenham is long overdue some tender loving care!


Since the pandemic there has been an increased number of people coming into the town for recreational reasons because it offered a  great place for the community to get together, to linger, and to belong. This is not just a 'present trend' - it is something that will also contribute to the way that our town will grown into the future.

At the end of 2021 the Town Team conducted a community survey to see how the community viewed the this beating heart of Chippenham and one thing that came back clear from the results was that people viewed the town centre as existing simply from the 'Bridge to the Bear' and did not realise its full potential as an easily navigated, green place with much to offer stretching from the Causeway all the way through to Hathaway Park.


There have also been a number of vacancy surveys conducted by community members that have shown good occupancy rates and dispelled the myth that what Chippenham needs is Independent has them in abundance but no one has ever advertised the fact!

The results of those surveys were both interesting and something to build upon in the coming years, with the latest (below) showing the high number of Independent traders in the town representing the total trading area of 45.5%, and a vacancy rate well below the national average at just 8.3%.






In July 2021 a Town Team was formed that now includes many organisations, businesses, local authorities, and community members who are planning for a future of our town centre that will enable both this generation and those still to come to thrive and enjoy all the benefits that a good neighbourhood can offer. 

This community structure was enhanced over the months and now has a total membership of over 60 both as members of the team or/and sitting on local Quarters.  It is these people who will facilitate the work ahead within the diverse town community working side by side with the local statutory authorities and the Chippenham Town Centre Partnership Board.

It is great to see that the town centre community of Chippenham has really discovered what it cares about - and furthermore that the community are giving their time for free to make the vision for Chippenham a reality.


The Chippenham Community Teams

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