It is probably true that the lovely town centre in Chippenham is long overdue some tender loving care. 


The months of the pandemic saw an increased number of people coming into Chippenham for recreational reasons as somewhere that offered a great place that the community could get together to linger and to belong.

And this will be a legacy of that dreadful time that can now be built upon.

At the end of 2021 the Town Team conducted a community survey to see how people saw the present and future of our town. 


Following that they then conducted a precise data base of the business units throughout the town - including the upper New Road area - to establish the number of empty units and the spread of those businesses that are in independent ownership. 


The results were both interesting and something to build upon in the coming months and years.


The next phase of development is to join with other organisations, businesses, authorities, to begin planning for a future that will enable both this generation and those still to come to thrive and enjoy all the benefits that a good neighbourhood can offer.

There is so much already good about Chippenham that will make the tasks that lay  ahead achievable with a community that really has discovered what it cares about.

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Community Town Development Team

Chippenham Town Centre Partnership Board

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Partnership Board Observations

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Partnership Board Objectives

The Town Community Development Team has a seat on the new Chippenham Partnership Board which has been formed to lead on the overdue regeneration of the town centre.


This is ably chaired by local MP, Michelle Donelan, administered by Wiltshire Council and populated by representatives from the community, land owners, traders and the Town Council.

This is the start of a process that should eventually see the beautiful market town of Chippenham fit for both the needs of the community today and of the many generations to come.


The Town Team aims to work with the new Board to make Chippenham both a place where people gravitate to by choice and one that enhances the experience of living in a growing town that is surrounded by beautiful Wiltshire countryside. 


While the geographical position of Chippenham affords a transport network second to none, the task of us all is to ensure that we create a town centre as one that will make this a go to place of choice to work, rest and play...